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Wedding Flowers Preserved

Wedding Flowers Preserved

In Their Natural Beauty

Since 1994 I have been using state of the art technology that allows you to enjoy the beauty of your wedding flowers, memorial flowers or any other special occasion flowers for many years to come instead of just one day! Freeze-drying is a special process that removes the moisture from the flowers, called sublimation. The freeze-drying process is a slow one; your wedding bouquet will be in the freeze dry machine for about 2 weeks.
  Through this process your flowers will maintain their natural shape.  The colors of most flowers tend to become softer and muted, peaches blend into pinks and whites mellow to a lovely ivory. Once the flowers are dried they can then be displayed in a variety of different styles. We custom make all of our shadow boxes.  You may have your entire bouquet placed in an octagon, rectangle, or square shadow box. A smaller box with some of your wedding, memorial or special flowers arranged around your invitation, photo or other special memento is another option.  We also offer a wide selection of oval and heart shaped frames.  If you prefer a tabletop display you may choose to have your flowers placed under a glass dome or in a glass box.  You might even simply want to have your wedding bouquet just preserved that you may display in a special vase or place in a curio cabinet.  Whichever way you select to have your flowers displayed, they are sure to be one of the most treasured memories of your wedding day.

I look forward to meeting with you to plan your special floral memory.

Please call today to set up an appointment.

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