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Ovals / Domes / Hearts

Other options for displaying your preserved wedding bouquet, memorial flowers, or special flowers is to have them arranged under a glass dome or in a glass box.  The domes come in a variety of sizes from a mini dome, which is 3 x 4” for $40 up to a large 15 x 15” for $250.  The most popular dome is the 8 x 61/2” for $160, this size lends itself very nicely to the round hand tied bouquets. You have a choice of bases for the domes, which are antique brass, satin or shiny silver, dark wood, oak, and black. 

There are many choices for the oval and heart frames, from style of the frame to the size and then the color.  Prices range from $175 for a 9 x 12” basic style oval up to $395 for a 16 x 20” elegance style frame. The most popular oval is the 11 x14”classic style oval for $250. 

Below are just a few of the many ways you may decide to display your wedding flowers.

O-1  O-2   O-3
O-4 O-5 O-6
D-1  D-2  D-3
D-4 D-5 D-6 
D-7 D-8 D-9
H-1 H-2 H-3
C-1 C-2 C-3

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