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Shadow Boxes
A beautiful way to display your freeze-dried wedding bouquet, memorial or other special flowers is to have them placed in a shadow box.  Each shadow box is custom made just for you.   The shapes that you may choose from are rectangle, square, octagon, or medallion.  The colors of the shadow boxes are light oak, cherry, espresso, walnut, black, white wash, antique gold and silver.   You may keep your wedding bouquet together and have a shadow box made to fit your preserved wedding flowers or have the bouquet taken apart and arranged around your invitation, photo, or special memento.
The prices of the shadow boxes range from $160.00 for a 9 x 12 rectangle with an invitation and some of your flowers up to $295.00 for an octagon custom made for your wedding bouquet.
  The average price for most of the shadow boxes is around $225.00. 

Enjoy looking at a few of the ways in which you may choose to display your special preserved flowers.
SB-1 SB-2 SB-3
SB-4 SB-5 SB-6
SB-7 SB-8 SB-9
SB-10 SB-11 SB-12
SB-13 SB-14 SB-15
SB-16 SB-17 SB-18
SB-19 SB-20 SB-21 
SB-22   SB-23 SB-24
SB-25 SB-26 SB-27
SB-28 SB-29 SB-30
SB-31 SB-32 SB-33  
SB-34 SB-35 SB-36
SB-37 SB-38 SB-39

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